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(Download The Smurfs 2) The Smurfs have always been primarily a format for children and does not include the kind of broad-based family entertainment as they represent, for example, the Disney / Pixar films.(The Smurfs 2 Download) So it is not surprising that the sequel The Smurfs 2 has very little to offer the great audience. Aside from a reference to the exaggerated health craze a group of New York yuppie parents, the humor of this film clearly aimed at the very young viewers. And very small here means really quite small. Children are likely to feel at least ten of the plates gags here verschaukelt.

(Download The Smurfs 2) Comedy is too often replaced by glee and apart from the fact that this can only be conditionally designated as educationally valuable, verunfallende protagonists are just only a very limited time entertaining. too, the plot is pretty uninspired. Gargamel (Hank Azaria) kidnaps Smurfette to elicit her the secret Smurf formula that he called his gray Behelfskreaturen, lout, into Smurfs intends to turn them deduct the Smurf energy to help him to great power.(Download The Smurfs 2 Movie) Sounds confusing? Is it too. Of course Papa Smurf does not rotate the blue thumbs until the only woman in the pack returns alone again, but provides a search party together. Together with Patrick (Neil Patrick Harris), his wife Grace (Jayma Mays) and stepfather Victor (Brendan Gleeson) Gargamel want to put a stop to. Also present is Patrick's son, - how could it be otherwise - Blue is the history and basically contributes nothing dahingerotzte than a few one-liners.

(Download The Smurfs 2) Except for the somewhat cumbersome takeover strategy Gargamel, the plot is linear enough to open up even the youngest. The 3D is used subtly and despite the slapstick humor events are not too messy or racing to overwhelm small cinema audience. As a result they have to offer but it is also accompanied by little the adult entertainment potential. Smurfs 2 remains largely cozy, not to mention stress. Regarding morality, one should not ponder too much about it really.(Watch The Smurfs 2 Online) It is, as in many films at a time, to fatherhood. Gargamel is basically the producer Smurf Ines, but not her daddy. That is, as the name already shows clearly, Papa Smurf. Similarly, Patrick has to approach his stepfather and realize that despite this lack of biological ties is a person of trust and protection in the course of history. The word family falls almost as often as the word "Smurf", which replaces the usual a considerable part of verbs and subjective.

(Download The Smurfs 2) fact that family togetherness here is not defined on the basis of traditional family relationships, is a welcome modern. The enthusiasm over this contemporary representation of functional blended families is however significantly attenuated by the catastrophic roles. Mothers play in the world of The Smurfs 2 a frightening subordinate role. Grace degenerating to a mostly unimportant and uninvolved mainly minor character. Instead of the final bailout participate, she stays at home to care for the child, as it is for women just heard. While talking about Patrick's relationship with his stepfather and the loss of much of his biological father, his mother left completely unmentioned. The real scandal, however, is the figure of Smurfette. 's concept of the Smurfs has always been a patriarchal. Led by a father figure is located in the troops of the little blue Smurfette articles with only one woman.

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(Download The Smurfs 2) As the sequel now teaches us, this is not even a real Smurf, but a creation of Gargamel, with whom he once wanted to hurt the Smurfs. One could also say that Smurfette was a tool of the devil, is the Gargamal in this concept as a counterparty to the divine father figure without question. By Papa Schlumpf magic arts and - this is actually named this way - a plastic surgery, is the blonde, cute Smurfette from the once gray, dark-haired messenger of evil. But like Eve in paradise already Smurfette is also not up to the diabolical temptations and threatens to expel the Smurfs out of their paradise with the betrayal of the secret formula. It takes a - of course purely male - rescue team to prevent this disaster. With Gargamel female clown Zicki is the good-hearted blonde - according to the paradigm of the saints and the whore - made ​​a dark-haired Antagonistin over, which einhandelt the predicate "hottie" by their almost inevitable metamorphosis at the end of the film.

(Download The Smurfs 2) The inner values ​​that normally are so eponymous with the Smurfs, it comes with the ladies apparently not. And while we're at educationally dubious messages, even the morality of violence just to be mentioned. While the Smurfs are as representative of the charity care and the exercise of physical and psychological violence, of course, critical of the final punishment Gargamel is completely legitimate. People love to caress you, evil must be cut.(Watch The Smurfs 2 Online) It's logical. Or? There could be acceptable that The Smurfs 2 little entertaining comes along, that the humor too focused on primary school children and that the story lacks momentum. The times just in passing messages conveyed antiquated gender roles and moral punishment, however, are simply annoying and so not schlumpftastisch. (Sophie Charlotte Rieger)